Quadcopters, UAVs, Underwater ROVs and KAP for Geosciences Imaging

dolookdown.org is a joint project of the FLC Innovation Center and the Department of Geosciences at Folsom Lake College.

Jason Pittman (Professor, Geosciences) and Zack Dowell (Instructional Design and Development Coordinator) are the two faculty primaries.  Stu Van Horn (Dean of Career and Technical Education) was the primary administrator involved, but he’s since moved on to another college.  Thanks for the support, Stu!  Gary Hartley (Dean of Technology), Kim Harrell (Dean of Workforce Development, Kinesiology, Health, & Athletics) and Tess Hendricks (Lab Tech) are providing additional support.

Contact Zack Dowell at zachary.dowell @ flc.losrios.edu