Aerial Art

I had the opportunity to attend ISKME’s Big Ideas Fest 2012 earlier in the week, at the lovely Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay, California. On the third day of the conference, artist John Q of Spectral Q posed conference participants (along with a few hotel employees and passersby to fill in the gaps) in the shape of the golden spiral and the words “open ed.”  With everyone in position, two operators, one controlling the aircraft and one controlling the camera gimbal, used this burly hexcopter:


to take this marvelous image:

openED Group Photo for Big Ideas Fest #bif2012
(Photo by AeriCam / Spectral Q)

The hex was truly a beast, and bested the strong onshore breezes seemingly with ease.  According to ISKME, a video will follow shortly.  Another use for the quadcopter?